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Boys With Spunk Index

Boys With Spunk is a random series of entries based on a various range of boys for my mere enjoyment. Feel free to voice your opinion, agree or strongly disagree with me. I don't care. Just remember this is solely my opinion and my flailing enjoyment. ;)

Not everything I say will be wrong, or right. This is just going to be me basically flailing on particular boys. Whether they be fictional, non-fictional, an actor, artist or even an anime character.

They won't be necessarily hot/sexy/drop dead gorgeous, according to everyone, but they have the "there's-something-about-him Mary" feel. Well, to me.

(1) Spike Spiegel >> anime character
(2) Koide Keisuke >> actor
(3) Domoto Tsuyoshi >> idol/actor/artist
(4) Joseph Gordon-Levitt >> actor
(5) Kora Kengo >> actor/model
(6) Takaishi Takeru >> fanfiction character
(7) Pharrell Williams >> rapper/singer/composer just to name a few
(8) Matsuda Shota >> actor
(9) Nathan Scott >> fictional character
(10) Narimiya Hiroki >> actor/model

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(11) BWS: Lee Jonghyun

Perhaps the reason why I've taken so long to make the 11th BWS is because this boy has been my bias for a while now because of how much I admire his personality and character. Not in a I WANT HIM TO BE MY BOYFRIEND kind of way

I had a lot of saved quotes, pictures, tumblr likes of this boy. It was more the process of elimination of what to post in this entry because I had bits and pieces of compiled info of him everywhere.

This is not a pimp post - just me purely flailing how much I adore this Busan boy…aka the first Korean boy to add to my BWS archive. ;)

Let me introduce to you the burning Lee Jonghyun!

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I think that this has to be my longest BWS entry. I just really find Jonghyun admirable because he went through so many pathways to find out what he really wanted to do career wise. That...and he always gives his 100%!

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I guess...this turned out to be a full pimp post xD I spent quite a few hours on this entry and now I've got to rush to my night shift! So much for sleeping -_-" will edit this entry another day!

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(10) BWS: Narimiya Hiroki

Been a busy day for a day off, and I need to leave in about half an hour or so...so I thought I might as well start a new entry to this boy flailing since I have all the pics screencapped already xD

Say hello to Narimiya Hiroki AKA the tenth Boy With Spunk! Who knew that I'd actually get this far? Haha.

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I've seen him in many other dramas/movies, but if I list them all I think I'd go on & on. I didn't even realise I've seen him in this many dramas/movies til today

The thing about Hiroki is that he manages to merge and mingle well with the atmosphere he's put in, the other actors/actresses and, of course, his own character that's he given to portray. Perhaps that's why it inevitably makes him one, in my opinion, invaluable actor in Japan. Hiroki's naturally fantastic at adapting with whatever's thrown at him.

He's just good, alright?! ;)

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(9) BWS: Nathan Scott

**Contains spoilers!**

Is this an insomnia thing? I think it is. That..and I'm procrastinating instead of writing a new chapter. No. It's definitely an insomnia thing. I need to get up in four and a half hours, yet here I am. Insane in the membrane...but what's new? Those night shifts killed all my brain cells. I am truly & deeply sorry. My humblest apologies. But to be honest, I've never had brain cells to begin with.

Therefore, I bring the next Boy with Spunk on the testosterone menu. One Tree Hill's finest basketball player - Nathan Scott!

And yes, I know that hardly anybody on my f-list knows this guy...but whatever!~ He's still spunky to me :P

"I wanna be somebody who is good enough to be seen with you."

- Nathan Scott; One Tree Hill

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Nate's character is well-rounded. It's a real pressure to watch his character growth throughout the show with each consecutive season. It's kind of rare to see so much character development on TV shows these days, which is why this makes Nate special.

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Scratch that. I officially now have 3 hours of sleep left. Uh-oh. xD


(8) BWS: Matsuda Shota

Since insomnia continues to knock on my door, I thought I'd bring another boy to the yard...if you know what I'm sayin' ;) I know it's been a while, but it's finally here! The eighth boy with spunk! Dedicated to dongindetonic & lastingdreams8 because I think they'd appreciate this entry :P

Let's give it up for Matsuda Shota! *insert round of applause here*

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I think I'll try and sleep now xD


Life Lessons

Before I go to bed, I found this on FB. I thought it was special and decided to repost it on my LJ because I think all of you will find this interesting/sweet/insightful to read. Basically, a reminder about what's important in life when you're feeling lost & when you're searching for clarity. <3

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I love you, my lovely f-list.